Spa Bath

A therapeutic massaging, warm water bath. Your pet will be wash twice in our premium shampoo, 

They will also get a blueberry facial, anal expression , fluff dry,full body brush out, ear cleaning and plucking, and nail trim, teething brushing and breath spray to finish out this spa treatment. 

~Toy under 12lbs $25

~Small 13-20 lbs $30

~Med 21-40lbs $ 35

~Large 41-60 $40

~XLarge 61-80 $45 & Up

~Giant 81 and over $50 & up

* Double coat breeds may have added fee's

       Spa Tidy  

 A touch-up service with sanitary trim, feet scissoring, pad shaving, minor scissoring and clipping, includes spa bath. This is perfect for in between your spa full grooming service to keep your pet looking fresh and neat.

~Toy under 12lbs $35

~Small 13-20 lbs $35

~Med 21-40lbs $35-40

~Large 41-60 $40-55

~XLarge 61-80 $55 & Up

~Giant 81 and over $65 & up

* Double coat breeds may have added fee's

We use only the highest quality shampoo's, most of the brands we use are not typical at most  salons. Some of our products are, Pure Paws, Why Bitch, Quadpet, Artero and Les pooches. 

Please note all prices are based on regularly groomed pets. 

              Spa Groom

Spa grooming includes a Spa Bath, with a full body clipping and/or hand scissoring style of your choice ! We give your pets the spa treatment from Nose to Tail

~Toy under 12lbs $50-52

~Small 13-20 lbs $52-55

~Med 21-40lbs $55-60

~Large 41-60 $75-85

~XLarge 61-80 $85-95

~Giant 81 and over $100 & up

* Double coat breeds may have added fee's

 ~~~   We are able to accommodate most schedules. If you are not having express grooming, plan to leave your pet at least 2 hours. Please understand at Beach Groomers, pets are rotated through their service at different times with resting intervals between the grooming process. We find this is what most pets prefer.   ~~~~                            

~We offer holiday and everyday Bandanna's & Bows with every service, and finish off with a spritz of Cologne.

~Ask us about Weekly & Bi-weekly maintenance programs & discounts! Discounts available if you pre-book your next appointment for 4-8 wk, ask about our VIP program!


     Beach Groomers gentle touch and attention to those small details is why we are the where your pets want to be. Our soothing day spa with luxuriously tranquil surroundings and intuitive care is designed to enhance your pet’s physical and emotional well being. Beach Groomers Pet Salon offers a wide array of spa and grooming services specifically designed to pamper your pet.


 There are many variables in pet grooming, such as whether your pet has long or short hair and also if the hair is matted and tangled. Therefore, there is no set pricing for fine grooming. Our groomers set individual prices for each pet, largely based on the time required to complete the chosen service. 

Factors which determine the price of a service include:

~Amount of scissor work, brushing, degree of matting, difficulty of the cut, disposition of the animal, drying time, length of hair, and size of pet.

However, you will find our prices quite reasonable. We will be happy to quote you a price range over the phone, and we invite your inquiries. 

Matted or tangled coats prevent proper circulation and may lead to serious medical conditions. And, bathing a matted pet will only worsen matters. Therefore, pets entering the salon with a matted or tangled undercoat cannot be properly worked on without addressing this condition. 

As ethical groomers, we reserve the right to refuse service to pet’s not wishing to address the matting issue.