No show/ cancellation policy 

~Any no show or cancellation with less then 24 hrs notices, can be subject to a $25.00 fee, please be considerate of our time. We will waive fee's for emergency reasons only. Please realize if you do not show up for your appointment we lose income and in some cases still have to pay our employee's. Its difficult with short notice to fill your spot. 

Please email us at beachgroomers@ or call the salon 727-388-9393 if your unable to keep your appointment.

Scheduling / Pick up Times

~We do not require your pets to spend the entire day here, most times we can have your pet ready to go home in just a few hours. We do offer an express grooming should you need your pet back quickly. We do require this to be scheduled in advance and you will be the 1st pet in at 8:30.

~Please arrive for your appointment at your scheduled time, arriving early sometimes can actually cause us to run behind, as we do work by appointment and are sometimes finishing up the pet scheduled before yours.

~If you are running late please give us a call, if you are more than  30 mins late, we will call someone on our cancellation list. We may have to schedule your pet in for later in the day or reschedule to another day.

~Please let us call your when your pet is ready, we will phone you  10-15 mins before you pet will be finished . If you come in prior to your pet being ready they can hear your voice and will get very excited to see you and this can cause difficulty in completing the grooming, we want your pet looking their very best . Please feel free to call us and check on the time they will be finished.

~We highly stress they you pre-book your next appointment when your pick up your pet. We do still busy and we want to make sure your pet looks their very best all year long. Please keep in mind we do get extremely busy around the holidays, and it's almost impossible to fit in a last minute appointment.

~Make sure we have your correct email on file, as we do send out email reminders of your appointment. If you would prefer a reminder call, please make sure we do have your correct number on file and let us know you would prefer a phone call. We do not make daily phone call reminders as this takes away time from grooming.


~We prefer payment in Cash or Check, as credit cards come with a high  fee to us.

~We do still accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover .

~Any returned check will be subject to a NSF fee of $35.00