Got lots of excess dog hair laying around your home?

                                                                  We have the solution for you & your furry friend

Shedding is the biggest complaint among owners for short haired dogs. Some short haired dogs will shed all year long such as Labs, and Dalmatians, owners of these breeds often are constantly vacuuming their home and furniture or they will just shave down the dog.

Beach Groomers is now offering a Shed-Less program, to help control the shedding and you'll find your self vacuuming a lot less. We use are own special method to help control & drastically reduce shedding in your home for 4-8 weeks!

~We start off with Carding out your pet before bathing it.

~Then we will thoroughly Shampoo & Condition your pet using our very own Shampoo Blend, they will also get a Blueberry facial while we massage the fur and Card again while the Shampoo is working it magic!

~Next your pet will get coiffed up with our HV dryer, this will help blow off excess fur & dry your pet.

~Finally, we will Re-Card your pet for a 3rd time, and we will finish up using a slicker brush to help encourage the healthy skin oils to move around!

~After the Shed Less treatment we will recommend that you continue to feed a high quality dog food with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in it, or that you supplement fish oil in your dogs food. Healthy hair starts will Healthy Skin!

Our shed-less program starts at $40 & up, depends on the size and condition of your pet. We always encourage you to keep up on the Shed-less program, We offer special rates if you book in advance at 8 wk intervals!